Out of sync



"I consider the new series of images a portrait of a country that has for so long been a crossroads for many different ethnicities, religions, and languages. "
"I imagine an overall environment: an immersive installation that propels visitors to the world of the recording studio, encouraging creatives to make music", Xavier Veilhan
“Green light is an act of welcoming, addressed both to those who have fled hardship and instability in their home countries and to the residents of the cities receiving them.”
In June 2017, Katharina Grosse transformed a piece of Danish coastline into a monumental, sublime artwork, spraying pink acrylic colored paint directly onto nature.
Take a look at the Venice Biennale. One of the most important events in the art world. Hear visitors' highlights, reviews and why Venice still matters.
One Minute Sculptures by Erwin Wurm at the 2017 Venice Biennale. Action based art that requires the participation of the public. It is the task of sculpture to produce spatial experiences.
British artist Phyllida Barlow’s ambitious installation for the British Pavilion, folly, playfully challenges audiences to explore their own understanding of sculpture.
The ARoS Triennale is one of the top worldwide art events of 2017. An ambitious triennale exploring humanity's impact on nature, featuring an impressive range of international artists
World famed artist Christian Marclay’s discusses "The Clock", a contemporary masterpiece comprised of thousands of fragments from television and film history
Robert Longo's work are visualizations of power, protest, desperation, futility, and aggression that together create a searing portrait of our time.

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