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Dec - 2020

Freemann + Lowe Scenario in the Shade

Multimedia artists Jonah Freeman and Justin Lowe don’t just exhibit in spaces: They completely consume them. The duo’s multiroom, immersive installations are filled with meticulously constructed architecture, psychedelic paintings, fake books, and artistically textured surfaces. Following takeovers at Ballroom Marfa, Deitch Projects, Rudolph Schindler’s Buck House, and Marlborough Chelsea, their current gallery, Freeman and Lowe’s latest white-walled victim is Red Bull Studios in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood.

The installation, Scenario in the Shade, grew out of their film of the same title, which took several months to make and will screen during the exhibition. The artists shot in Queens at a former billiards club/Tae Kwon Do studio, then tapped sonic maven Jennifer Herrema, best known as the singer of the alternative-rock band Royal Trux, to organize a soundtrack for the project. After filming, they broke the sets down in a modular fashion and reconstructed them at Red Bull Studios. “All the rooms are linked to a back narrative of various youth subcultures that have identities defined by their objects and clothing,” says Freeman. “We take those into consideration when we design each environment.” Anyone looking for a long, strange, architecturally influenced trip should head over tout de suite.

Freeman + Lowe | filmed by Out of Sync | New York 2015
Camera and edit | Per Henriksen
Producer | Out of Sync

© Out of Sync 2015




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