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Nov - 2020

Slip of The Tongue

Punta della Dogana presents “Slip of the Tongue”, an exhibition curated by Danh Vo in collaboration with Caroline Bourgeois.
Danh Vo is an artist born in Vietnam who emigrated to Denmark as a child. He now lives in Berlin and Mexico City. The entire exhibition stems from an artistic reseach that brings together elements from private life and collective history.
The title “Slip of the Tongue” literally means “lapsus”, an involuntary error that produces a rupture in the usual course of things and that in the artistic field is often at the basis of a creative act. It is starting from the analysis of these ruptures, breaks, separations and gaps that it is possible to interpret many of the 175 works on view.

The exhibition presents historic works coming from Venetian institutions such as the Gallerie dell’Accademia (Giovanni, Bellini, il Marescalco, Scuole di Tiziano) and Fondazione Giorgio Cini (miniatures from the Masters from the XII to the XV centuries) as well as contemporary works from the Pinault Collection and other public and private collections.

Danh Vo | filmed by Out of Sync | Venice 2017
Camera and edit | Per Henriksen
Producer | Out of Sync

© Out of Sync 2017




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