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Venice Biennale   The Belgian Pavilion

Mondo Cane by Jos de Gruyter and Harald Thys is a display of the human condition. The exhibition features a group of automated puppets set amongst a series of large drawings of pastoral scenes and steel grids that fence off the pavilion’s lateral recesses. Some of these puppets are craftsmen – a musician, a shoemaker, a knife grinder, a spinner – who faithfully exercise their respective skills. It is a utopian world, pure and clean. Around the edges is a parallel world filled with rogueing zombies, poets, psychotics, and dropouts. These two realities coexist in the same space, but appear unaware of one another. They do not touch and this segregation is evident. The pavilion acts as a true promenade, similar to a touristic or anthropological experience reminiscent of an older Europe.


Camera and edit | Per Henriksen
Interview | Jesper Bundgaard
Producer | Out of Sync

© Out of Sync 2019
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Category: Art Fairs | Artist: Venice Biennale

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