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Tal R   Animals and People

Tal R (b. 1967) has always moved effortlessly between genres, including sculpture, but his bronze sculptures represent a new chapter in his oeuvre. In his own unique way, the artist tackles the great classic, figurative tradition of sculpture.

In the context of art history, in the 20th century, narrative figurative sculpture was ousted by a new, fragmented concept of art and, following the advent of the avant-garde, appeared obsolete. Neo-avant-garde, minimalism, pop art, collage, assemblage, installation art and new media together resulted in even greater distance from the narrative, figurative bronze and marble works of the previous century.

Nonetheless, it is that very 19th-century sculptural domain that Tal R has entered. While fascinated by the sculpted bodies of the 19th century, in his works he transforms them, basing his sculptures on the environment that surrounds him: everyday bodies, shapes and figures. It is what he refers to as run-of-the-mill existence: a dancer, a boy, a cyclist. Shaped in clay, cast in plaster and moulded in bronze in accordance with all the rules of classical sculpture, these works are Tal R’s first-ever major group of bronze sculptures.


Tal R | filmed by Out of Sync | CPH Sept 2020

Camera and edit | Per Henriksen

Interview | Per Henriksen

Producer | Out of Sync

© Out of Sync 2020

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