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Rob Pruitt   Rob Pruitt Masterpiece

Robert "Rob" Pruitt (1964) is an American post-conceptual artist. Working primarily in painting, installation, and sculpture, he does not have a single style or medium. He considers his work to be intensely personal and biographical. Pruitt began exhibiting in the early 1990s with his then collaborator, Jack Early. After a controversial exhibition at Leo Castelli Gallery their partnership disintegrated and neither had major shows for several years. In 1998 Pruitt caused another minor scandal with a piece called Cocaine Buffet which was shown at The Fifth International, Chivas Clem's artists run space. The show was co-curated by Jennifer Bornstein. He installed a 16-foot mirror with a line of real cocaine running down the center, in which visitors were welcome to partake. Publicity stunt, peace offering, minimalist sculpture, or indictment of the greed and glamour of the art world, it changed the sensation associated with his name.
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Category: Masterpieces | Artist: Rob Pruitt

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